Leslie D. Joynes, PhD

PhD (Leeds); MA (Lond); MA (Tokyo); M.Sc (Boston); Post-Doc (Brazil)

Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Award, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Fellow, Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) of Great Britain 

Dr. Leslie D. Joynes is recipient of the Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Award for India and Fulbright-Hays Awards for China and Mongolia. In 2016 he conducted the first research on international cooperation in education in Mongolia. He has presented on intercultural cooperation in the arts at universities in the US, UK, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Mongolia and Brazil. He was 2008-2009 Bauhaus Artist Fellow and 2015 Fellow at the Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation (TrAIN) at Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts London. A New York University certified coach, he is an Academic Coach at University of Melbourne, Entrepreneurship Coach at the New School, and a Leadership Coach at Columbia Business School,. He is a member of the Institute of Coaching (Affiliate of Harvard Medical School).




Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)                        

Master of Arts (MA) (Asian Art)                  

Master of Arts (MA) Fine Art                       

Master of Science (M.Sc.)                           

Erasmus Scholar                                        

BA (honours) Fine Art                                 

BA (cum laude) History                              

Other Training


Advanced Curriculum Design                                             

Contemporary Art and Theory                                         

Research Methodologies 

Coaching and Mentoring

Language Training

Academic Focus

New Media Art and Performance

Post- conceptual uses of Technology: Social Media and Social Conscience

Intercultural Collaboration in the Arts

Comparative Modernities in Asia and the West

Trans-regional and Global Art Practices and Geographically Dispersed Art Networks

Curriculum Design for Art Programs in the 21st Century (MFA, PhD, Post-Doctorate) 

Fellowships and Awards

Fulbright-Nehru ‍Academic ‍and ‍Professional ‍Excellence ‍Award (2021)

US Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Grant for Colombia (2020)

US American Arts Incubator ZERO1: Art and Technology Artist (2019)

Fulbright ‍US ‍Public ‍Diplomacy ‍Award ‍for ‍China (2017)

CEC ArtsLink Foundation Grant, Russia (2017)

Renmin University of China Merit Award for Teaching, Beijing (2017)

Taiwan Huayu Scholar, National Cheng Kung University (2016)

Wheatley Foundation Fellow, Birmingham City University, UK (2016)

Research Fellow, American Center for Mongolian Studies (2016)

Research Fellow, University of the Arts London (UAL) (2015)

Fulbright ‍US ‍Public ‍Diplomacy ‍Award Mongolia ‍(2014)

CEC ArtsLink Foundation Grant New York, Mongolia (2014)

The Nordic Artists Center Fellowship, Norway (2008)

Queenstown Council Singapore Citation Award, Singapore (2009)

Edwin Austin Abbey Fellowship, New York (2009)

Fellow, Bauhaus Foundation Fellow, Dessau, Germany (2009)

Musashino Art University Selection Award (2001)

Japanese Ministry of Education and Culture Scholar (Monbusho) 

Japanese Ministry of Education and Culture Japanese Language Scholar 

Erasmus Scholars, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-arts, Paris (1995)

King Sturge Award, London (1995)

Academic Appointments

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

Research Fellow, Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Award 2020-2021

Workshops and lectures in Assam, Rajasthan and Kerala. 

Visva Bharati University, Santiniriken, West Bengal, India

Visiting Scholar, Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Award 2020-2021

Workshops and lectures in West Bengal. 

Renmin University of China, Beijing, China

Visiting Assistant Professor and Professor of Record  2013-present


University of the Arts London (UAL) London, UK

Research Fellow, Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation (TrAIN)  2015

Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan

BA Tutor and Research Scholar 1998-2001                

Secondary Academic Appointments

Columbia University in the City of New York, New York, NY

Columbia Visiting Scholars and Scientists Program, 2009-present

Teachers College Visiting Scholars Program, 2016-2018

Research on Advanced Curriculum Design for University Art Education                   

Peking University Beijing, China

Global Engagement Liaison, Peking University Department of Postdoctoral Affairs 2018-present 

Visiting Professor, Peking University Cultural Industries Program 2018

Minzu University of China, Beijing, China

Visiting Professor in the Arts (upcoming)    

Columbia Business School, Columbia University, New York

Leadership and Enterprise Coach (2020-present) 

Victorian School of the Arts, University of Melbourne, Melbourne Australia

Doctoral Program Coach (2020-present) 

California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, CA                                                                                                       

Post-graduate researcher on Technology Transfer Models, 1988-1989

Research Methodologies, Published Dankook University Press, Seoul, 1990. 


Boston University and Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB) Brussels, Belgium

BU Graduate Programs and VUB Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences 1987-1988    

Research on International Management in Education 

Other Experience

‍    Reviewer on Artistic Research,  Journal for Artistic Research (JAR), Switzerland (2020)

‍    Editorial Board, Project Anywhere, University of Melbourne, Australia and The New School for Social Research, New York (2015-present)

‍    Scholar Advanced Curriculum Design, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York (2017)

‍    Founder and Director, FormLAB - nomadic experimental laboratory in museums (1999-present)

‍    Core Member, CPI Institute for Cultural Ecology, New York (2016-present) 

‍    Visiting Professor in Art and Cultural Industries, Peking University, China (2018) 

‍    Assistant Professor, Summer Program, Renmin University, Beijing, China (2013-present

‍    Research Fellow in Transnational Art and Identity, University of the Arts London (2015)

‍    Scholar of Art and Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Columbia University (2010-2011)

‍    Scholar in Contemporary Art, School of Arts, Columbia University (2008-2010)

‍    Art Criticism, Art in America (New York), Flash Art (Milan), Springer (Vienna) 


Workshops and Lectures on Art and Social Practice

‍    US Department of State American Arts Incubator (upcoming)

‍    Art and Social Practice (chair) ProjectAnywhere Conference, Parsons School of Art (2018) 

‍    US-China experimentation at Site,  Columbia University Global Center Beijing, (2017)

‍    Co-Author, Museum 2050, Long Museum, Shanghai, China (2018)

‍    FormLAB China, Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, China (2017)

‍    Pulse/ Play, Pulse Art Fair and The Cultivist, New York (2016)

‍    Co-Chair Young Researchers Forum, (American Center for Mongolian Studies) Mongolia (2016)

‍    The Artist as Explorer, College Arts Association Conference (2016)                

‍    Cambridge University, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (2015)

‍    Artist as interface, Columbia University Teachers College (2015) 

‍    Cambridge University Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (2015)

‍    Mongolian National University of Education, (2015)

‍    Mongolian National University for Art and Culture, Ulaanbaatar (2015)

‍    Masterclass Leader: Transdisciplinary Art, University of the Arts London (2015)

‍    FormLAB Mongolia, Zanabazar National Museum of Art, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (2014)        

‍    National Art Museum of China , Beijing, China (2014)

‍    College Arts Association Conference, Chicago (2014) 

‍    US Embassy, Mongolia (presentation (2014)     

‍    Participating artist, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Brazil, (2013)

‍    FormLAB Brazil, Brazilian Museum of Sculpture, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2012) 

‍    FormLAB, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, South Korea (2012) 

‍    Columbia University Eugene Lang Center for Entrepreneurship (2011)

‍    FormLAB France, Treignac-Project, France (2010)             

‍    FormLAB/ Bauhaus, Singapore, National University of Singapore and LaSalle College of Art (2009)

‍    University of California Santa Barbara (2005, 2006)

‍    Contemporary archeology and the artist, Kookmin University, Seoul (2012)

‍    Lasalle College of Art, Singapore and National University of Singapore (2009)

‍    Curatorial Assistant for “Site of Desire,” Inaugural Taipei Biennial, Taipei, Taiwan (1998)

Curricula and Syllabi Interests 

  •     Emerging the New Art School in Tactical Programs that interface the artist [curriculum] 
  •     Models for Developing a Contemporary Program and School in Central Asia [curriculum] 
  •     Evolving Boundaries: Environmental Art from the 1960s to present [syllabus] 
  •     Engaged Critique in Contemporary art: expanded concepts of installation [tutorial/critique]
  •     Supervision and mentorship on MFA and PhD programs in Fine Art [workshop and seminar].
  •     Art referencing border, identity and the new territorialization of public spaces [workshop and panel]
  •     Doctoral supervision in practice-based research [syllabus]
  •     Searching for alternatives to the Modern, Contemporary: Relocating creative practice. [syllabus] 
  •     Parallels in performance art between the United States and Japan 1960-present [syllabus] 

Selected Publications

‍    Joynes, L. (2019) “The Artist-centric model in museums” in Looking to New Institutional Models: China’s Cultural Landscape by Mid-Century

Ching, N and Tanner, L, (eds), Long Museum, Shanghai

‍    Joynes, L Vu, T et al (2018). DrawnOver: Contemporary Drawing, Vojvodina Serbia: Museum of Contemporary Art [catalogue].

‍    Joynes, L. (2018). “The Artist as Explorer,” in Going Beyond: Art as Adventure. O’Neill , R and Werner, J (eds.), Newcastle, UK: 

Cambridge Scholars. [peer-reviewed]


‍    Joynes, L (2015). “FormLAB” in Anywhere v.1.(2015). Lowry, S. and Douglas, S. (eds.), Melbourne, Australia: 

University of Melbourne and New York: Parsons School of Art, Media and Technology, Parsons, New School for Design, New York. [peer-reviewed]

‍    Joynes, L. (2016). “The Artist Explorer: FormLaboratory: Geographically Dispersed Performance 

‍    in Brazil (2012-2013) and Mongolia (2014)” Sao Paulo, Brazil: Escola de Comunicações e Artes, Universidade de São Paulo [thesis].


‍    Joynes, L. (2015). “Arts research, Global Identity and Cooperation,” London: Research 

‍    Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation (TrAIN), University of the Arts, London.


‍    Joynes, L (2015). “Shapeshifter” [video], Pulse/Play, Pulse Art Fair and The Cultivist, New York.


‍    Joynes, L. (2015) “US-Mongolian collaborative arts research in Mongolia,” The Young 

‍    Researcher’s Forum, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: Mongolian National University of Education.


‍    Joynes, L. (2015) “The Artist as Explorer,” Washington D.C.: College Arts Association Conference.


‍    Joynes, L and Vu, T. (2015) Les joynes and Thomas Vu in Interview” in Draw: Artists from China at Inside Out Art Museum, New York: 

LeRoy Neiman Foundation [catalogue].


‍    Joynes, L. (2014) “Nomadic and Geographically Dispersed Practice,” Chicago: College Arts Association Conference.    


‍    Joynes, L (2014) “FormLaboratory” in Art and Research at the Outermost Limits of Site 

‍    Specificity (2014) Lowry, S and Douglas, S. (eds.). Newcastle, Australia: Univ. of Newcastle.


‍    Joynes, L. and Basu, S (2011) “The Invisible and the Transvisible in contemporary 

‍    art in Singapore,” in Octopus, Journal for Visual Culture. Irvine: University of California Irvine.

‍    Joynes (2008)" Multi-spatial Performance: at Bauhaus-Dessau, November 2008: 

‍    record dances, Bühnenstudios der Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau [Internet].


‍    Joynes, L (2001) “Yuichi Higashionna at NADIF Tokyo,” Milan:   Flash Art.


‍    Joynes, L. (1999)  “Some Say They Did: Some Say They Didn’t, Contemporary Art of Yoshitomo Nara at Ginza Art Space,” 

New York: Art in America.


‍    Joynes, L. (1998) “The New Pathetic. Contemporary British art in the 1990s,”Vienna: Springer.


‍    Joynes, L (1998) “Explorations of the Uncanny in Contemporary American Art: Paul McCarthy, 

‍    Mike Kelly and  David Lynch.”London: Goldsmiths, University of London [Dissertation].


In Progress

Joynes (2020) Review of Reclaiming Artists Research (Cotter et al) Journal of Artistic Research, Basel. 

Joynes, L et al (2020). Emerging models for teaching, evaluation and curriculum, development, New York: Critical Practices. 

Joynes, L (2020). “Arts in Higher Education in Mongolia,” Philadelphia: American Center for Mongolian Studies.

Recent Podcasts

Joynes (2017) “Collaborative Models in Art and Higher Education, Columbia University Global Center, Beijing回顾.mp4?dl=0


‍ 2021    Kami no kura (in Japanese) in research. Director/Producer

2017    One on Two on One (Kick) Director/Producer

2017    Shifting 0.00000000103279% of the Great Wall (Inside Out Art Museum) Director/Producer

2017    Clouds (Inside Out Art Museum), Beijing. Director/Producer

2017    Globe | Balance (Inside Out Art Museum), Beijing. Director/Producer

2017    Drop (Inside Out Art Museum), Beijing. Director/Producer

2017    Applaud (Inside Out Art Museum), Beijing. Director/Producer

2017    Bow (Haidian District, Beijing). Director/Producer

2017    Salutation (Inside Out Art Museum), Beijing. Director/Producer

2017    Ghost Market Inside Out Art Museum, Beijing. Director/Producer

2015    FormLAB (Trailer). Director/Producer

2014    Buryiat (Zanabazar Museum of Art, Mongolia).  Director/Producer

2014    Ger (Performances with Blue Sun and Mohanik). Director/Producer

2013    Glossolalia (with Comediennes Tropicales), Sao Paulo. Director/Producer

2013    BronxBronx (audio performance with Cid Campos), Sao Paulo. Co-Director/Producer

2013    Sleeping in Républica  Sao Paulo. Director/Producer

2013    Dancing in Mercadao  Sao Paulo. Director/Producer

2013    Traversing Vila Madelena (2 channel). Director/Producer

2012    Perû (Brazilian Museum of Sculpture). Director/Producer

2012    Foraging in Europa (performances Sao Paolo). Director/Producer

2012    Pai-de-Santo (performances at Brazilian Museum of Sculpture). Director/Producer

2012    The Afterlife of Toys (장난감의 내세 ) Seoul, Director/Producer

2012    Glossolalia-Seoul Director/Producer

2010    Tokyo Visitor Director/Producer

2010    Spéléologie de l'usine, Director/Producer

2010    Farewell my little Star (starпрощай моя маленькая звезда) Director/Producer

2010    Alien Poetry Society (Société de Poésie Extraterrestre) Director/Producer

2010    This little star, so wide and so full of mysteries Director/Producer

2010    Shabu shabu shabu (2 channel). Director/Producer

2010    Cadavre Exquis Treignac Projet, Director/Producer

2009    Excavation (Midtown Manhattan) (with Tom Bogaert) Director/Producer

1999    Highchair (Bangkok Experimental Film Festival). Director/Producer

1997    Helicopter (Norimatsu Museum, Matsuyama, Japan). Director/Producer

1997    Ten Minutes of Uncanny in Blue Velvet (Goldsmiths). Director/Producer


‍    ISEA International Symposium of Electronic Art, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, Korea

‍    Session-Chair, ProjectAnywhere Conference, Parson School of Art, New School, New York. (2018) 

‍    Plenary Keynote Speaker on PhD research, School of Art, Peking University, Beijing (2018) 

‍    Artist-centric practices within the museum, Museum2050, Long Museum, Shanghai (2018)

‍    Co-Chair, Young Researcher Conference, Mongolia (2016)

‍    International Committee, College Art Association conference (2015-present)

‍    Japan Startup NYC, Microsoft, New York (2016)

‍    Presidents Forum on Higher Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York (2016)

‍    Keynote Speaker, Young Researcher Conference Mongolia, 

‍    National University of Education and the American Center for Mongolian Studies (2015)

‍    Royal Geographical Society Conference, London (2013)

‍    Editorial Committee, ProjectAnywhere Conference, Parsons/ New School, New York (2015)

‍    Panelist, Artists’ Workspaces: Portability, Contingency, Virtuality, College Art Association conference, Chicago (2014)

‍    Panelist Going Beyond: Art as Adventure (CAA, Washington, DC) (2018) 

‍    European League of Institutes in the Arts (ELIA) conferences, Seoul (2012) and Vienna (2013).

Images: from top: 1) FormLAB US-China performances on theGreat Wall (2016); 2) Presentation on Robert Rauschenberg in China (2017) Ullens Center Museum, Beijing; 3) Field research in Taiwan on local cultures and traditions in Taiwan (2016); Young Researchers Forum in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (2016); US-Brazilian performance exploring US-Brazilian collaboration using syncretic traditions and ritual (2012) Brazilian Museum of Sculpture, Sao Paulo, Brazil. s

School of Art and Communications, University ‍of ‍São ‍Paulo, ‍Brazil

Faculty of Art, Environment and Technology, Leeds ‍Metropolitan ‍University, ‍Leeds, UK 

Musashino ‍Art ‍University, ‍Tokyo (MeXT Scholar 1997-2001)

Goldsmiths, University ‍of ‍London 

Boston ‍University and Vrije Universiteit Brussels Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Brussels

Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts, Paris

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London

Boston ‍University, Boston

Teachers College, Columbia University 

Goldsmiths College and Columbia University  

Fulbright-Hays and University of the Arts

New York University

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